Why Us

Quality Cannabis Starts with How It's Made

No shortcuts, no excuses. With over 30 years experience in agriculture, we are devoted to delivering you quality cannabis. As a leading Canadian producer of medical cannabis under the Cannabis Regulations, located in heart of the beautiful Niagara escarpment, our state-of-the-art greenhouse allows for the optimal use of natural sunlight and clean fresh water.

RedeCan remains one of the very few private, 100% Canadian owned and operated companies in the cannabis industry and maintains its family-oriented mindset towards staff and all of our patients and customers across the country. We believe that everyone should be able to buy high quality cannabis products for a reasonable prices.

Our Promise

We are committed to delivering the ultimate experience, from seed to sale.

Straight from our farm to your door.

  • Patients are our priority
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • 100% Canadian homegrown
  • 100% Greenhouse grown
  • Natural growing conditions

Our Process

We are the original growers—farming is in our DNA. We’ve married our years of agriculture experience and our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility to create a cannabis family that’s in a league of its own.

Our Facility

We grow our cannabis crops in a controlled environment with automatic environmental controls for temperature, humidity, sunlight levels and irrigation to produce premium plants.

Production Practices

We’re serious about patient safety and product quality, so we follow strict policies on cleanliness, sanitary conditions and production practices.

  • All plants are fed with clean, fresh water from a deep well
  • All controls are managed through biological controls, such as beneficial insects like ladybugs or pest specific biologicals
  • All staff wear protective clothing and facility specific shoes that are not worn beyond our facility doors
  • All strains are lab tested for THC and CBD levels, pesticides, residues, heavy metals, bacteria among others tests

Packaging and Shipping

All patients will receive their medicine in a sealed, child-proof container. All packaging will have proper labeling, be shipped by a trusted courier service and tracked through the delivery.

Become a Patient

We are here to serve you. Joining the Redecan family is simple.


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