Whether you use cannabis or not should have no impact on your ability to enjoy movies that have been inspired by cannabis use. If you think about it, there have actually been a lot of movies made that have to do with cannabis in one way or another, most of them being comedies that are laugh-out- loud funny. Here are some of the all-time best.

Half Baked

Starring the incomparable Dave Chappelle, Half Baked is one of the funniest cannabis movies you’ll ever see. It’s a story about a group of friends who sell highly-potent medical cannabis in order to raise money to bail their buddy out of jail. Sweet story, huh? Of course, plenty of hi-jinx ensues, including a whole mess of trouble with a high-profile drug dealer. Cameos from folks like Jon Stewart and Snoop Dogg make Half Baked a favourite in the cannabis movie genre.

Pineapple Express

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this comedy falls under Judd Apatow’s umbrella and tells the story of a cannabis dealer, played by James Franco, and his customer, played by Rogen. The two go on the run when it’s discovered they have a secretive and super-potent form of cannabis called Pineapple Express. There are a lot of familiar faces in this movies. Also, for some reason, it seems to get funnier every time you watch it.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

The Harold & Kumar saga may be the most relatable in the cannabis movie genre. After all, most cannabis users have probably been in a similar position before: after using cannabis, you get hungry and need to satisfy your hunger. Naturally, things go awry as the two title characters search for a White Castle restaurant, but in a hilarious way. The fact that it spawned two sequels tells you everything you need to know about what an iconic cannabis movie this is.

Up In Smoke

You can’t talk about cannabis movies without mentioning Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. These two are gods of the genre, and Up in Smoke is the movie that started it all.
Critics may not have liked it much, but thankfully it developed a cult-like following and helped give us plenty more Cheech and Chong movies over the years. More importantly, practically every other movie on our list was only made because Up In Smoke was successful. If you’ve never seen Up In Smoke, it’s time to pay your respects to one of the most influential cannabis movies ever made.

Super High Me

Rather than eating fast-food for 30 straight days, comedian Doug Benson decided to make a documentary about smoking cannabis for 30 straight days. To Benson’s surprise, there were few negative effects to his month-long cannabis binge, making Super High Me a groundbreaking exposé showing that cannabis use may not be as bad as some people think.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Well, we saved the dumbest for last. It doesn’t get any more simplistic than a couple of cannabis users being unable to find their car the morning after having a crazy night out. That being said, Dude, Where’s My Car? has a cult following, and the phrase has been ingrained into popular culture, which makes it worth mentioning among the top cannabis movies of all-time.

Honorable Mentions

Unfortunately, not every great cannabis movie could make our list, leaving out a few noteworthy movies. For instance, the story of cannabis turning Method Man and Redman into a pair of geniuses in How High. There is also the classic comedy Friday, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, a movie inspired by cannabis that launched a renowned movie series.

Finally, there is the classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which introduced us to Sean Penn, who was definitely under the influence of something while playing slacker Jeff Spicoli.
These movies only scratch the surface of those that were in some way inspired by cannabis use. Perhaps the next time you have a movie marathon, you’ll pick out a few of your favourite cannabis-themed movies to enjoy.